What Does A Digital Agency Do

A digital agency in Singapore possesses expertise in effective digital communication. Their aim is get their clients the best ROI or Return on investment. That is why they make all possible efforts to understand the products offered by their clients, their goals and their deadlines so they can devise marketing strategies that suit their needs and budgets. Let us have a look at the tasks a digital agency carries out.

1. A competent digital agency aims to make optimum use of the time available to them and the resources of their clients. Good digital agencies know very well that their clients expect them to use the money they have invested optimally. Therefore, they use the right tools for achieving this aim.

During the planning stage, they delve deep to find out the factors that will help their clients achieve success in their digital marketing. They then make their plans on paper. The plans will include the strategies they have to follow, the amount of investment they may need for executing them and the time needed to carry out the required tasks for reaching the specific goals.

2. There will be a team of expert graphic designers with a competent digital agency. There will also be web developers, analysts, creative artists, those who have expertise in the digital advertisement world and account executives with the agency. Senior and highly experienced employees on their roll will deal with the clients to know and understand their activities. Only if they know the strengths as well as weaknesses of the products or services offered by their clients, they can fill the gaps with their strategies for promoting them.

3. Contrary to the popular belief that seeking the services of a digital agency may be expensive, the reality is reputed agencies do not charge heftily or unreasonably for offering their services. They rather want to have long term working relationship with their clients. Bit many companies commit the mistake of entrusting their digital marketing tasks to their own employees who may not have the required expertise or knowledge in this field. Such decisions will be detrimental to their growth. These companies may not get the results they desire to have. In fact, such decisions may go against their goals because their competitors who may readily be utilizing the services of competent digital agencies will grab their market share. In other words, not taking the help of a competent digital agency will stunt their business growth.

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Facebook Advertising

Social media has changed the way people and organizations interact with each other. Facebook is now a component of daily lives of individuals, apart from those of companies, ranging from home start-ups to multi-million dollar institutions.

Facebook marketing is a unique feature that helps your business grow. Facebook lets you create pages, groups and ads describing your work, enabling you to reach out to potential customers, understand their needs, and focus on converting interest into profits.

Here are 5 facts you didn’t know about Facebook advertising:

Hundreds of targeting options!

You probably know Facebook lets you target audience based on gender and demographics. But did you know the website helps determine targeted audience by many other factors? Information such as age, relationship status, education, income, hobbies, and online buying patterns of users, are used to give your business a variety of possible customers. You can also appeal to look-alike audiences, aside from your core target.

A Relevance Score for every ad!

Facebook provides you with a relevance score based on your keywords and user engagement. Drawing from positive and negative user feedback, this helps you gauge audience interest in your content. Tweak ads accordingly and bring the right people in!

Track visitors to your website through Facebook ads!

Want to know how many people want to buy your product from your website? Simple! Use Conversion Pixels to find out how many clicked on the link to your website on your Facebook Ad. This way, you’ll know how many customers your ad brought you!

Multiple images and links in one ad!

Carousel ads on Facebook allows you to post different links to different locations on your page or website. You may display several products from a single catalog or random items from different catalogs. Increased exposure gets increased ROI!

Facebook presets bring back your visitors!

Facebook lets you attract users that are interested in webpages similar to yours. Certain presets help you add URLs or keywords in URLs that are similar to your URL, so people visiting those are shown suggestions of your page!

Facebook marketing is of immense importance as the entire world is heavily dependent on technology and media to further their commercial interest. http://www.visibiliti.com.sg/what-we-do/facebook-marketing/ is an essential business practice, as Singapore has emerged as a global trade center, and caters to the needs of an expanding, worldwide audience.

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